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Sales Engineer (Memory chip)

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    Job description:

    1. Focus on developing Memory related customers, the agent's original brand UNIC products, SK hynix  products, Samsung products (EMMC & EMCP & LPDDR), etc.

    2. According to company and department performance requirements, make sales plan, customer visit plan, target demand analysis, and seek cooperation opportunities.

    3. Complete customer order forecast, stock preparation, sales, eceived payments, risk control transaction.

    4. Efficient customer service awareness, timely and efficient feedback of customer demand information, solve customer problems, improve the scope of cooperation;

    5. Formulate and adjust sales tactics, having clear business development methods and plans, and push forward project management. complete all kinds of customer analysis report information and reply of original demand efficiently.


    1.   Junior college degree or above, major in science and  engineering or electronics.

    2.   Familiar with electronics industry, more than three years working experience in related product line

    3.   Logical thinking and strategic planning ability, strong communication skills and initiative.

    4.   Logical thinking and strategic planning ability, strong communication skills and initiative

    5.   Having the spirit of fearless and good resistance to stress.

eMMC Product Manager

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     Job description:

    1.  Responsible for brand, channel maintenance and product sales of eMMC, eMCP and LPDDR products.

    2.  Cooperate with sales to do forecast, arrange stock preparation and stock management according to customer needs.

    3.  Responsible for communicating with the factory, including understanding the product plan, price and related promotion strategies of the factory, and timely delivery to the company and customers, providing all-round support for sales business in terms of technology, products, prices and delivery dates.

    4.  Understand the industry dynamics, have a clear understanding of the whole market, timely feedback on the latest market situation and the corresponding strategy of the original plant.


    1.Junior college degree or above,strong self-learning ability.

    2.More than 1 years working experience in electronic component agent industry, more than 1 years working experience in same position.

    3.Keen market sense and market analysis ability, and make reasonable judgement;

    4.Strong planning, analysis, contingency and business negotiation skills, strong execution.

    5.High sense of responsibility and enterprise, strong psychological endurance and pioneering spirit.

    6.Familiar with well-known brand agents ,having original channel is preferred.

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